Automobile is an indispensable part of modern society and has been deeply integrated into our life. Then, what on earth is the method to drive the automobile?

The source of power for automobiles is the engine. If we use human organs as a metaphor, engine is equivalent to the heart that promotes blood flow and provides nutrition for organs and tissues. Engine utilizes the energy produced after combustion of mixed fuel and air to push the piston, then, drive the wheels through crankshaft box and gear box and other mechanism to drive the automobile.

The engine intakes the mixed fuel and air into the cylinder and utilizes the energy produced after combustion to push the piston to work in order to obtain driving force.

The working cycle of the engine is similar to the heart movement. While comparing with the heart movement, let’s check out the working cycle of the engine in details.

Through application of the turbocharger, it can supply more air to the engine. When the engine obtains plenty of air, it can conduct larger scale explosive combustion and can produce energy equivalent to the large engine after one cycle of rotation. Take people as a metaphor, it means to have a heart of the track and field athlete of the highest level.

The turbocharger is mainly comprised of turbine, compressor and concentric bearing parts that support them.
  1. Low fuel consumption

       When the output power or the torque is the same, it shall compare the 2.0L engine without turbocharger and the 1.4~1.6L engine with turbocharger. The engine with turbocharger can improve fuel consumption by twenty percent. The improvement result is that it can reduce carbon dioxide emission

  2. Greening of waste gas emission

      Over the past ten years, PM discharged by the engine (particle is also the black smoke) has been reduced by one tenth. To reduce discharge of particular matter, at present, turbochargers are widely applied in diesel engines.

  3. Effect of energy recycling

      The temperature of the exhaust gas discharged by the automobile engine is very high and the heat is directly dissipated to the outside of the vehicle. Through application of the turbocharger, it can recycle 10 percent of heat.

  4. Easy driving, low revolution and high torque

      Engines without turbocharger usually need to accelerate to over 4000 rpm to obtain the maximum torque. But for automobiles with turbochargers, it can achieve the maximum torque effect at about 1500 rpm. It can enjoy easy driving without the need of improving engine speed.