• GW4D28


  • Engine displacement: 2.8T

  • Power: 85kW

  • Torque:300Nm

  • Discharge standard:Europe 3

  • Maximum speed:142,000rpm


1.Advanced structures   

Separation type thrust bearing    

Full Floating bearing

2.Vibration and noise reduction

Adoption of vibration/noise reduction mechanism by the waste gate valve

3.High reliability

Auxiliary friction mechanism with low friction factors    

Anti-corrosive treatment for parts    

4.Light weight and modular

Adoption of plenty of non-metal materials and light alloy materials

Low inertia rotator       

5.Fluid dynamic characteristics    

High pressure ratio compressor, high efficiency turbine, wide range and cover the whole region   

6.Safe and renewable    

Parts meet restriction of hazardous substances and prohibition standard and can be recycled for use     

7.Clean and environment friendly    

Meet Stage 3  Emission Regulations    




Great Wall Motors