Song Chunqi

Personnel Specialist

Entry for 8 years

        In July 2014, I graduated from Human Resources Management of Business School of Northeast Normal University and joined the big family of FIT. To become a member of FIT, I felt truly happy and have been looking forward to the coming work and life.

        As a human resources specialist, I need to be very rigorous and meticulous about every task. New to the job, I would encounter different conditions and problems almost every day, which is a test to my ability and state of mind. At such moment, leaders and colleagues would offer me patient explanations and selfless help. In this way, I have improved my work level little by little and also my abilities quietly. At the same time, I have also noticed the occupational attitude of Ishikawa people towards work,

      Over the past half a year in FIT, I have changed my mentality from a graduate to a career man. I have learned a lot and grown a lot at the same time, I have realized a lot of inadequacies. In the future days, I will encounter more unknown challenges and opportunities but I will make efforts with every FIT people to realize our dreams while creating a brighter tomorrow for FIT!