Wang Yan

Product Engineer

Entry for 3 years

        How time flies! In a twinkling, I have been in FIT for three years. I have experienced much and felt a lot. Since the day joining FIT, I have a special feeling towards the company.

        After joining in FIT, it is patient and meticulous imparting of the master and the predecessors that make me grow step by step. For some work, it is faster for the predecessors to do than assigning the same to me, however, they will assign it to me so that I will have more opportunities to learn. Up to now, when I face new hires, it reminds of me how my master and predecessor do, they will explain to the new hires patiently. Such spirit will be passed down along with development of FIT.  Although turbocharger doesn’t have large volume or heavy weight, each style of tuubocharger has more than 30 parts, involving knowledge in many aspects such as metal process, fluid mechanics, material mechanics, theoretical mechanics, vibration and dynamic balance. The company also provides relevant training targeting at different knowledge. No matter it is subject training given regularly by the Japanese Technical Director or the special training regarding different job contents, trainees can continuously learn and enrich themselves during work.

       In FIT, you will feel warmth like home, experience rapid increase of knowledge and abilities but we still have a lot of deficiencies and strong competitors, which require us to work harder, be stronger to protect the hard-earned working environment so as to make FIT a brighter future.