1、Paid annual leave:

       For working for a full year and less than 10 years accumulatively, employees can enjoy 5-day leave; for working for 10 years but less than 20 years, employees can enjoy 10-day leave; for working for 20 years, employees can enjoy 15-day leave. National statutory holidays and rest days are not included in annual leave. During annual leave, employees enjoy the same wage income as the normal working days.

2、Marital leave:

       After reaching the legal age for marriage, employees can enjoy 3-day marital leave and 15-day leave for late marriage (first marriage postponed for over 3 years after legal age for marriage)

3、Maternity leave

       1)The statutory maternity leave for female employees is 98 days including 15-day rest prior to childbirth.

       2)For employee implementing late birth childbirth (it is late birth childbirth for the first born of a female of 23 years old and 9 months and above), additional 30-day leave shall be given based on the statutory leave.

       3)Additional 15-day maternity leave for  uterine-incision delivery

       4)Additional 15-day maternity leave for every baby in case of multiple birth childbirth.

       5)In case of abortion when pregnant less than 4 months, 15-day to 30-day maternity leave shall be given based on opinions of relevant medical department; for abortion when pregnant over 4 months, 42-day leave shall be given.

       6)When wife was in labor, male employee implementing late childbirth enjoys 7-day nursing leave.

       7)For female employee with baby less than 18 months old, 45 minutes both for the morning and afternoon breast feeding time will be given every day during business hour.

4、Work-related injury leave

       Rest time for employees due to work-related injury when reported to the labor administrative department of the Municipal People's Government for identification and the medical department for verification will be treated work-related injury leave, or else it shall be treated otherwise.

       Work-related injury employee will receive no pay during medical treatment period and enjoyed allowances for work-related injury. The monthly payment of work-related injury allowances is equivalent to the average monthly pay of previous 12 months of such employee prior to such injury. After the medical treatment period expires, after assessing the grading of the wounded and disabled, work-related injury allowances will be stopped and such employee will enjoy corresponding treatment for the wounded and disabled.

5、 Funeral leave

    In case of death of lineal kin (parents, spouse and children) or relatives raising the employee and now supported by the employees or the parents in law, 3-day funeral leave is approved by the company leaders.