Based on relevant laws and regulations and company system, the company will pay the housing fund for every regular employee. Refer to FAW Group for payment standard. At present, the payment ratio of the enterprise is 12% of the average monthly pay of previous year and the payment ratio of the individual is 8% of the average monthly pay of previous year. When any of the following conditions occur, it can apply for withdrawing the housing fund:

       1、Purchase, build, renovate and overhaul self-occupied housing with proprietary right;

       2、Employee is retired or has reached statutory retirement age;

       3、Employee is dead or declared to be dead;

       4、Employee is unemployed after rescinding/terminating labor relationship with the employer;

       5、Employee repays the principal and interests for the self-occupied housing;

       6、Employee leaves the country and settles abroad or is relocated outside of the jurisdiction;

       7、Employee is under minimum living guarantee for the urban dwellers;   

       8、Employee rents the public owned housing and the monthly rent exceeds 15% of the monthly income of the household;

       9、When any of the following emergencies occurs and it results in difficulties in household life:

       1)The employee, his or her spouse, children or parents suffer from the major disease listed in Opinions for Implementing Urban and Rural Medical Assistance in Changchun and is in hospitalized for treatment;

       2)Children of the family have been admitted to the domestic full-time university with national recognition of qualifications and the family is unable to afford schooling;

       3)In the face of other emergencies, the family suffers great financial losses;

       4)The housing is dismantled and relocated, it is unable to pay the resettlement expenses.

       10、In case of renting the housing by town migrant workers outside of this city ;

       If housing fund is withdrawn according to Item 1, 5, 7, 8 and 9, his or her spouse can also withdraw the housing fund.