Process Engineer
职位月薪:discuss personally 工作地点:Changchun
工作性质:full-time 工作经验:3 years or above or fresh graduates
最低学历:bachelor 招聘人数:2人


  Provide good and effective technical support at the manufacturing site (tool, measuring, auxiliary, clamping, equipment, technologies and so on) and make continuous improvement to ensure smooth production. Conduct process design on new products and then commissioning until mass production of new products.


1、Aged below 35 years old, male is preferred.

2、Graduate from national “211”engineering colleges with Bachelor degree and above in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

3、Be proficient in applying CAD, CATIA/PRO-E and other relevant software.

4、Pass national English CET-6 exam with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability

5、Boast good written expression capability and communication capability.

6、Candidate with relevant working experience in joint venture will be preferred.