Product Engineer
职位月薪:discuss personally 工作地点:Changchun
工作性质:full-time 工作经验:3 years or above or fresh graduates
最低学历:bachelor 招聘人数:2人


1、 Conduct basic design work for products.

2、Be responsible for planning, implementation, tracking during development process of new project and coordinate to resolve technical issues during project development process.

3、According to product upgrading route, research on and develop parts and products of new functions, new types, new structures and new materials.

4、 Conduct analysis over stress, heat stress, performance, vibration and so on of various parts or product assembly used in the products and further infer stability of parts, appropriateness of performance and cause for poor quality.

5、Utilize testing resources to conduct product test verification and propose reasonable suggestions for optimized design.

6、Convert the design output into customer satisfactory physical products; manage and plan trial manufacturing resources and improve trial manufacturing capability.


1、Graduate from national “211”engineering colleges with Bachelor degree and above in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Vehicle Engineering or Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

2、Be proficient in applying CAD, CATIA/PRO-E and other relevant software.

3、Pass national English CET-6 exam with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability

4、Boast good written expression capability and communication capability.

5、Candidate with material and technology basics will be preferred.

6、Candidate with relevant working experience in joint venture will be preferred.