Filling out Resume

Welcome to deliver resumes to Changchun Fawer Ishikawa Turbocharger. To protect your rights,

please read the following matters carefully:

Be sure to fill out content in an accurate, complete and true manner. Please take your resumes filled out as the basis for the FIT for purpose of screening, assessment and interviews. Error or missing of content in resumes will be deemed as invalid.

Materials preparation: before delivering the resume, please prepare the electronic copies of the following certificates and materials (those marked with *are required)
Resume photos: recent personal color photo without hat in 2.5*3.5cm in jpeg and jpg formats;
Scanning copies of college English CET-4 and CET-6 transcripts*, if lost or not issued yet, please provide transcript proofs issued by the “National College EnglishCET-4 and CET-6 Exam Committee” or query results in relevant websites, print the same out and affix with official seal of the Academic Affairs Office (this certificate can only temporarily substitute transcripts and it is invalid to hold such certificate when signing agreement). The required formats will be JPEG and jpg;
Transcript*, transcript at the present stage and stamped with seal of Academic Affairs Office, the postgraduate students are also required to provide complete transcript affixed with the seal of the Academic Affairs Office in JPEG and jpg formats;
Graduation certificate and diploma, postgraduate students are required to provide graduation certificate and diploma obtained in jpeg and jpg formats;
Life photos that can reflect your personal characteristics in jpeg and jpg formats;
Self-made resume which shows your strengths and uniqueness in doc, docx or pdf formats;
Personal works shall be provided by students in Art Majors and experience in scientific research and practices and shall be in jpeg and jpg formats.
Scanning copies of qualification certificates obtained after relevant assessment shall be uploaded in jpeg and jpg formats;
Scanning copies of relevant certificates that represent your other abilities shall be uploaded in jpeg and jpg formats.
Time guarantee: it needs about 45 minutes to deliver your resume, please try to choose periods when network is not busy as much as possible
Resume feedback: students passing resume screening will receive our call notice and letter of invitation for assessment.If assessment in the city where your university or college locates begins and you haven’t received any notice, it shall be deemed that you fail the resume screening. Wish you future career success.

fill out resume

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Uploading attachments 照片和扫描件上传格式为(jpg、gif、png),简历和作品上传文件格式(doc、docx、pdf、rar)

  • ID photo without hat:

  • personal life photo:

  • self-made resume

  • Scanning copies of English certificates:

  • scanning copy of the degree certificate:

  • transcript:

  • scanning copy of diploma:

  • scanning copy of qualification certificates:

  • Scanning copies of other certificates

  • English Resume:

  • works: